Tue, Dec 1

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CINDY on Sep 4, 2020 (88 days ago)
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Bottoms Up

5 sets building up in load:

2 front squats + 1 push press


Tabata Mash Up-
Russian twists with a plate (15/10#)
Strict sit-ups with plate overhead

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1st140 Beth R Today!
2nd125 Jeni Today!
3rd120 Amy D Today!
Lo Today!
1st205 Jordon Today!
DJ Robe Today!
2nd195 Mark H Today!
3rd185 Scott B Today!

DJ Robe205 Rx
Jordon205 Rx PR!
Mark H195 Rx
Scott B185 Rx
jacob R175 Rx
Austin175 Rx
Ben G165 Rx
Matt P165 Rx
Damon165 Rx
Jim F155 Rx
Jake My145 Rx
Graham145 Rx
Beth R140 Rx
Aris135 Rx
Cody D125 Rx
Spencer125 Rx
Jeni125 Rx
Lo120 Rx
Amy D120 Rx
Beth D115 Rx
Nicole110 Rx
Lisa B105 Rx
Ellen100 Rx
Rusty100 Rx PR
Malia K95 Rx
Abbey95 Rx
Becky J85 Rx
Erica R80 Rx
Jennifer L80 Rx
Allison P70 Rx
Denise N70 Rx
Becky E70 Rx
Allyson65 Rx
Renee R60 Rx
Lisa M105  Front squats
Jackie S85  Front squats
Tim PoAlt wod Rx 215 front squat x 3
Jeni 4:26pm
Way to go Beth! That's incredible!

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