Tue, Sep 15 2020

Happy Birthday: Mike S & George
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Back Squats


Last rep should be a true 1RM attempt. ALL sets should be heavy!

Tabata Core:

Hollow holds (4 rounds)
Handstand holds (4 rounds)

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Clint335 Rx
Jordon335 Rx
Aris315 Rx
Damon295 Rx Missed @ 305
Scott B275 Rx
Thomas W265 Rx
Jeni260 Rx Dead
Brian B255 Rx
Joey B245 Rx
CoachK245 Rx
Beth R240 Rx PR
Matt B225 Rx
Jake My225 Rx 5x
Jim F215 Rx
Stephanie K205 Rx
Graham185 Rx
Ellen175 Rx
Steph175 Rx
Spencer175 Rx
Amy D165 Rx
Nicole155 Rx
Stacy H155 Rx
Denise Ra155 Rx
Jess155 Rx
Beth D155 Rx
Cecilia B155 Rx
Felisha145 Rx
Tori145 Rx
Morgan135 Rx
Becky J135 Rx PR!
Abbey135 Rx
John Bo135 Rx Dead
Laurel T130 Rx
Treva130 Rx
Malia K125 Rx
Ana125 Rx
Jennifer L120 Rx
Danielle B115 Rx
Joelle115 Rx
Emme115 Rx
Becky E95 Rx
Deanna85 Rx
Renee R75 Rx
Lisa R75 Rx
DoreenAlt Rx
CoachK 6:34am

CoachK 6:35am
Happy Birthday, Mikey!

Beth D 6:45am
Happy Birthday Mike!!

Jeni 6:47am
Happy birthday Mike!!

Beth R 7:01am
Have an awesome day Mike! 🥳❤️

Beth R 7:22am
Brian B, sorry I can’t make 9 a.m. class to see you! Have fun and hope to see you soon. Miss you! ❤️

Ellen 7:51am
Happy Birthday Mike!

Mel 10:09am
Happy Birthday Mike!!

Joy 10:54am
Happy happy birthday, Mike!!

Damon 12:46pm
Happy Day Mikey Mike!

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