Wed, Sep 16

Gymversary Graham-1 & Katie H-1
Most Recent Benchmark:
CINDY on Sep 4, 2020 (19 days ago)
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In a 12 minute window:

1000 m row
Max rounds of:
15 thrusters (45/35)
10 toes-to-bar

0% 0%
1st5+15 Laurel G Wed, Sep 16, 2020
2nd5+9 Jeni Wed, Sep 16, 2020
3rd5+4 Becks Wed, Sep 16, 2020
1st7 Ben G Wed, Sep 16, 2020
Graham Wed, Sep 16, 2020
2nd6+15 Jay H Wed, Sep 16, 2020
3rd5 Jordon Wed, Sep 16, 2020

Stacie scaled
Ashley Bo scaled
Jason4 Rx
Adam W3+9 Rx
Becks5+4 Rx
Katie H4 Rx
Shad3+22 Rx
Brian B4+21 Rx
Beth D3+18 Rx
Denise Ra4+6  Knees up
Deanna3+13  15/knees
Lisa R3+13  25/knees ups
Jessica M5+15  15/v ups
Cecilia3+22  Knees up
Joey B4+13 Rx
Graham7 Rx
Laurel M4+15  Knees up
Brooke M4+10  25/v ups
Ben G7 Rx at home
Laurel G5+15 Rx @ home
Tori5+3  Knees
Jeni5+9 Rx
Jay H6+15 Rx
Ethan Kr4 Rx
Lisa M4+9  Mod
Aris3+10  Knee ups
John B3+15  Knee ups
Erin G5+8  Knee ups
LFunk Knee ups
Ethan My5+5  Sit-ups
Jordon5 Rx
Abbey4+4  Knee ups
Rusty5+1  Leg raises
Jim F2+12 Rx
Kwenton Mod
Elliott Mod
Matt M4+1 Rx
Laurel T3+3  Mod
Joy4+8  Mod
Lisa B4+18  Mod
Cynthia4+18 Rx
Clint5+15  Knee ups
Matt P3+18 Rx
Joey A4 Rx
Jeni 9:10am
Happy 1 year Katie and Graham!
Ben G 2:22pm
Glad weโ€™ve got you guys here and very thankful for all the leadership and passion you guys pour into CFBM!

Mel 4:53pm
Yes!! โค๏ธ What Ben said ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘†๐Ÿผ

Beth R 9:41am
Happy 1 year Graham and Katie! So happy to have you (and Doc) in the fam! โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ

Craig H 12:19pm
It's already been one year!!! WHOA!!! Happiest of Days!!!

Laurel G 2:23pm
Happy gymversary lovely owners! Appreciate you guys so much! ๐Ÿ’™ ๐Ÿ’– ๐Ÿ’›

Rusty 4:52pm
Really nice to meet Mike, Kwenton, and Elliott today. Welcome to the crazy fam. Looking forward to seeing you all again.
Kwenton 10:07pm
Nice to meet you as well! Thank you!

Matt P 5:34pm
Hey Mel, I am still coming but will probably be about 10 minutes late
Mel 5:52pm
Donโ€™t worry about it Matt! Definitely still come!!

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