Fri, Jan 8

Happy Birthday: Aris
100th Day: Beth D(1200th)
Most Recent Benchmark:
FIGHT GONE BAD on Jan 8, 2021 (8 days ago)
FIGHT GONE BADOLY Cycle 1:7Other Posted Results


3 rounds, 1 minute at each station with 1 min rest between rds.
Total reps/calories per exercise per round.
Post grand total.

Wall Balls (20/14#)
Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls (75/55#)
Box Jumps (20'') for male&female
Push Presses (75/55#)
Row (cals)

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Becks335 Rx
Jeni320 Rx
Rusty316 Rx 5th
DJ Robe305 Rx 3rd
Matt M301 Rx 4th
Jordon294 Rx 5th
Matt P294 Rx 5th
CoachK290 Rx
Joey B281 Rx 7th
Joey A280 Rx 8th
Ethan My277 Rx 9th
Lo273 Rx 9th
Ben C271 Rx
LFunk269 Rx 10th
Nathan F258 Rx 14th
Laurel M244 Rx
Beth C243 Rx 13th
John Bo233 Rx 18th
Thomas W230 Rx 19th
Aris228 Rx 20th
Amy B217 Rx 16th @hm 1/9/2021
Alondra209 Rx 17th
Emelina203 Rx 20th
Abbey203 Rx 20th
Scott B200 Rx 22nd
Jake My354  24th scaled
Samuel324  25th scaled
Tim Po309  26th MOD
Beth D278  Step
Lisa B278  scaled
Shad272  Step
Cody D271  16#-53KB-SU-55#SP
Tori270  25th scaled
Becky E266  26th scaled
Angelic265  27th 45 SDHL 45 PP
Lisa M259  28th scaled
Joy258  29th Step ups
Renee R256  30th 25#
Jess253  31st 35#
Graham247  27th Step
Denise N247  32nd scaled
Jackie S247  32nd scaled
Cecilia B246  33rd scaled
Allison P241  34th Mod
Amy D239  Steps
Damon236  Step
Dennis225  28th scaled
Jim F221  scaled
Becker218  29th scaled
Ashley Bo213  35th 35#
Jennifer L200  36th scaled
Jessica P191  37th scaled
Jeni 6:55am
Happy birthday Aris!

Joy 8:30am
Aris!!’ Happy birthday!!

Ben G 8:47am
Matt, 'Other' Ben, Jake...good job yesterday on Grace...solid times all at sub 3mins!

Rusty 9:30am
Happiest of birthdays Aris! Hope you have an awesome birthday 🥳

CoachK 9:39am
Happy Birthday, Aris!!

Damon 12:43pm
Happy Day Aris!

Beth R 2:32pm
Have a great day Aris! 🥳❤️

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