Wed, Jan 13

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1st195 Lo Wed, Jan 13, 2021
2nd175 Cynthia Wed, Jan 13, 2021
3rd155 Beth R Wed, Jan 13, 2021
1st315 Ethan Kr Wed, Jan 13, 2021
2nd295 Jordon Wed, Jan 13, 2021
3rd265 Aris Wed, Jan 13, 2021

Ethan Kr315 Rx 10@70
Jordon295 Rx 11@70/53 uneven carry
Aris265 Rx 8@70
Joey B255 Rx 11@70#
Thomas W225 Rx 10@53
Ben C225 Rx 9@70
Matt M225 Rx 11@70
Nathan F225 Rx 10@53
LFunk225 Rx 14@53
Ethan My220 Rx 11@53
Lo195 Rx 10@53
Matt P185 Rx 13@70/53 uneven
Graham175 Rx 10@70#
Cynthia175 Rx 13@35
Beth R155 Rx 11@44#
Ellen150 Rx 13@35
Beth D145 Rx 15@35#
Kwenton145 Rx 6@53
Jeni145 Rx 13@53
Katie H135 Rx
Joel K135 Rx 14@33
Abbey135 Rx 12@35
Ana125 Rx 8.25@30
Cecilia B125 Rx 10@35
Tori125 Rx 17@35 amazing!!
Denise Ra115 Rx 15@35#
Becks115 Rx 12@45
Beth C115 Rx 11@35
Amy B115 Rx 9@53
Jess105 Rx 13.5@26#
Laurel T105 Rx 10@35
Caitlin P105 Rx 11@35
Becker105 Rx 12@26
Angelic105 Rx 11@35
Erin G100 Rx 11@35
Stacie95 Rx 10@35
Ashley Bo95 Rx 9@35
Dennis95 Rx 13@53
Emme85 Rx 10@35
Jennifer L85 Rx 10@35
George75 Rx 12@35
Amy D125  Bench, 14@44 with KBS
Lisa B 12:33pm
Hi all! I know several people are waiting to hear on Britney surgery. It went well and after about 4.5 hours she is in recovery. She did have a tear in her labrum but they were able to fix without a cadaver. They cleaned out scar tissue but weren’t able to fix her capsule tissue but they don’t feel that will be an issue with the PAO surgery. Second part of surgery went well. Broke her pelvis in three places and moved it 10 degrees one way and five degrees another put in 3 screws. They are having some issues getting her pain under control but hopefully will be in her room soon.
Ellen 12:37pm
So glad to hear it went well! Prayers for a speedy recovery!!!!!

Becks 1:36pm
Thank you for the update Lisa! We have been thinking about her.

Joy 1:45pm
Goodness gracious, she's tough. Hang in there, Momma! Glad to hear the positive news.

Mel 3:30pm
Thanks for the update! So glad she’s onto recovery now 💕

Stacie 2:08pm
Thanks for the update Lisa.

Katie H 8:32pm
Lisa, thanks for the update! We are thinking about you guys and are here if you need anything at all.

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