CrossFit Beaver Menace


Our mission here at CrossFit Beaver Menace, is to provide functional fitness for all ages and improve quality of life.  In other words, creating the best version of you!

Joining a gym can be intimidating, but at CrossFit Beaver Menace it's a fun and friendly environment dedicated to you. Each workout is explained by certified coaches and scaled to ensure proper form and safety for every fitness level.

''I have worked out at all of the Castle Rock Crossfit gyms and Beaver Menace is the best for me. It is run by normal, down to earth people without pretentiousness, greediness, drama, or excessively competitive natures.''
''Love my XFBM! Can't imagine ever finding a place for fitness where I feel more at home. I am very thankful to all the owners and coaches for creating such an environment.''

Fitness matters to us.
People matter to us.
Our goal is to combine the two, helping our community reach their fitness goals!


One of our most decorated coaches, Becky Harsh, has a very imaginative son. In his art class students were asked to create their own super hero t-shirt. Becky's son created 'The Beaver Menace'. Several years later, when new owners of this gym were looking for a name, Beaver Menace was a natural and unique fit. You can even see a copy of the original t-shirt hung in our Box over the water fountain.

Many of our coaches and athletes started as far back as 2007 at CrossFit 5280 here in Castle Rock.  It was the first CrossFit gym in Douglas County and one of the first 100 CrossFit affiliates in the world!

CrossFit Beaver Menace
185 Caprice Ct
Castle Rock, CO 80109 (view larger map)